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Alliance for the Earth

Our nonprofit organization, Alliance for the Earth, is dedicated to bringing healing, protection and renewal to the Earth and supporting a global movement of collective awakening.
If you are participating in any of our monthly or weekly meditations and are feeling grateful, we encourage you to show your generosity through making a one time or recurring donation here.
Your donation allows our work to continue to grow!
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Liberia Peacebuilding Project

Alliance for the Earth’s Liberian partners and founders of the Peace Hut Alliance for Conflict Transformation (PHACT), Christian Wolo Bethelson and Harper M Karmon are teaching mindfulness for conflict resolution and trauma healing under the community Peace Huts they have built across the country. They are practicing an on-the-ground engaged activism that fosters compassion in action, where now more than ever, daily life is a constant challenge. Please help them to keep going and become a peace builder too.

Nepal Monastery Rebuilding Project; Revitalizing our Root Temple

Tolu Tharling Monastery is a precious jewel and is in desperate need of being rebuilt after it was all but destroyed by the 2014 earthquake that rocked the top of Mt Everest. With its sweeping views of the Himalayas, Tolu Gompa is surrounded by caves and holy places where the veil between the worlds is thin. A place of refuge in a world out of balance, our dream is to revitalize and restore this ancient place of retreat into a thriving resilient land-based community once again. Please help Alliance for the Earth and make Tolu Gompa your spiritual home too.