Videos, Teachings, Interviews & Global Healing Meditations with Cynthia Jurs
A selection of resources to inspire the practice of Sacred Activism
for global healing and respond to Gaia’s call

Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview with Cynthia Jurs, March 2020

SHIFT Network Interview for the Summer of Peace Series (8/26-20)

In this interview with Phillip Hellmich, Global Peace Ambassador with the SHIFT Network, Cynthia speaks about the origins of the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project and where her work of sacred activism has gone around the world—including to Liberia where peacebuilding efforts continue since burying an Earth Treasure Vase in that land. Recognizing the wounds of patriarchy and racism and the current need to bring healing and protection to the USA, Cynthia and Philip also discuss the opportunity for collective awakening.

Gaia Calling

A short video for the 7-week course, Gaia Calling; Becoming a Vessel for Global Healing & Collective Awakening. April 2020.

Loving Gaia; Interview with Cynthia Jurs & Clare Dubois

Cynthia Jurs, whose mission includes the spreading and burying of Treasure Vases as gifts for Gaia’s healing, and Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters offer their life experience as a gateway into the imagining and dreaming of more feminine potential in this world. This conversation touches on their own journeys of finding courage, dealing with the unknown, feeling intimately connected to Gaia, stepping through fear and working with the limitations of the body. January 2020

Summoned by the Earth; a conversation between Cynthia Jurs & Chameli Ardagh

Chameli Ardagh, founder of the Awakening Women Institute, spoke to Cynthia Jurs as part of the 21-day Sadhana; Becoming Gaia’s Oracle, April 2020.

Introducing Tara Gaia

An hour-long conversation between Cynthia Jurs and David to introduce the practice of Tara Gaia. Includes discussion of how the adaptation from a practice of Tara to one of Gaia evolved, at this time when we are all being called to wake up in relation to Mother Earth, this practice can serve as a profound spiritual support, and features an introduction to methods of practicing in the Vajrayana tradition using visualization and mantra recitation with a brief teaching on the Gaia Mantra with a recitation.

Cynthia Jurs Interview; Earth Treasure Vases, Peacebuilding in Liberia, Sacred Activism, Being Peace & Collective Awakening

Sacred Activism for the Great Turning; Science and Nonduality Conference 2019

Opening night talk of the SAND Conference by Cynthia Jurs

Climate Crisis, Grief and Interbeing

A panel discussion with Charles Eisenstein, Thomas Hubl, Bayo Akomolafe and Cynthia Jurs facilitated by Zaya Bennazzo at the Science and Nonduality Conference 2019

Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Meditation for One World Bearing Witness, Dec 2017

Mirabai Starr Interview with Cynthia Jurs for the Shift Network

For her course on Wild Goddesses and Mystics of Mercy, Mirabai Starr interviewed Cynthia Jurs on her relationship with Gaia and the practice of the Earth Treasure Vases.

Inner Peace To World Peace Film by Uplift

Inner Peace to World Peace a film by Uplift

Can we really create peace in the world? Interviewing leading experts (including Cynthia Jurs) and scientific researchers, we learn how our inner peace is directly related to peace in the wider world.

Short Stories from Earth Treasure Vase Locations

Vessels of the Holy; Interview with Joanna Macy

Eco-philosopher Joanna Macy talks about the legacy of nuclear weapons and the need for Nuclear Guardianship and her experience of working with an Earth Treasure Vase.

Liberia Earth Treasure Vase

The first vase for Africa was buried in Liberia, Africa on the winter solstice 2009 in collaboration with the peace-building organization, everyday gandhis and local traditional elders, officials, women, youth and visiting dignitaries.

Life is Returning; Liberia 2011

After taking an Earth Treasure Vase to Liberia, the process of peace building continued with the dedication of a traditional Peace Hut in the village where the vase was buried.

Alaska Earth Treasure Vase Pilgrimage

The Earth Treasure Vase for Alaska was buried in collaboration with native Gwich’in leader and activist, Evon Peter, his family and a small group of participants from around the world. This vase held the intention to protect the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, the native people and animals from oil and other natural resource extraction, and global warming due to big industry.

Papua New Guinea Earth Treasure Vase

This Earth Treasure Vase was dedicated to protecting the Southern Pacific Ocean. The underwater “burial” ceremony was done in the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea in collaboration with the native people of Isala and members of the Biosphere Foundation.

South Africa Earth Treasure Vase

An Earth Treasure Vase was buried at the base of the Nilotic Meridian in South Africa above the Blyde River Canyon after taking it to receive the prayers of the Kalahari San People. We also invited the blessings of all the great African animals including the prophesied White Lions of Timbavati.

Gabarnmang Earth Treasure Vase

The first of the second generation of Earth Treasure Vases was buried at a 50,000-year-old rock shelter covered in paintings in remote Arnhem Land in 2015 at the invitation of custodial elder, Aunty Margaret Katherine Oenpelli.

Women Witness Congo

When an Earth Treasure Vase was taken to Congo, Women Witness Congo began as a digital storytelling project dedicated to connecting the global community with the women of Congo, their rising leadership and their compelling visions for change.

Monday Mindfulness Meditation Dharma Talks

5/18/20: The Work of Transformation; from Poison to Wisdom

In this weeks’ teaching, Cynthia Jurs speaks on the work of transformation and the process of turning poisons into wisdom through mindfulness. When we learn to follow, witness and to be present with difficulties as they arise, slowly, habitual and negative patterns such as anger, greed, pride, envy or ignorance, can be experienced as energies. We can relax our grip. All of this becomes fuel for the journey of awakening.

5/25/20: Being Gentle with Ourselves

Being gentle with ourselves creates conditions for awakening to happen. In this weeks’ teaching, Cynthia Jurs introduces The Mandala as a ‘map of the psyche’, for elemental energies of fire, water, earth air and space, to come into balance. She invokes her teacher, Thích Nhất Hạnh who advises us to ‘water the seeds of happiness, loving kindness, forgiveness and joy, so that transformation can be possible’. So many habitual patterns can be release all on their own, when we act with kindness and compassion toward ourselves.

6/01/20: The Breath that Fuels Change

During this weeks’ teaching, in response to the murder of George Floyd, Cynthia Jurs identifies collective wounds at the core of the imbalances we see in our world, which must be addressed if we have any hope of restoring the web of life. We can’t heal anything unless we see it clearly. By looking deeply and not turning away, we activate our capacity to care. Cynthia calls us to practice in a way that fuels us to dismantle racism in every corner of society, as well and within ourselves. This is the process of transforming poisons into wisdom.

6/08/20: Guarding the Energy of Transformation

Our most precious opportunity of this life is to wake up. As we develop our capacity for awareness, it is important that we learn how to be a vessel to contain and respect this energy of transformation, so as not to dissipate it. In this weeks’ teaching, Cynthia Jurs speaks to what it takes to truly sustain and stabilize our practice and view, so as to have a choice of how to respond and to contribute constructively to the changes that are needed in the world. Coming from a place of privilege, it is important to transform our conditioning in order to realize the Bodhisattva Vow and experience ourselves as inseparable from all other beings.

6/15/20: Cultivating Equanimity and the Four Immeasurables

The work of transformation is not easy. Therefore, learning how to cultivate Equanimity, or non-reactivity is helpful. During this weeks’ teaching, Cynthia Jurs speaks to the qualities of the Four Immeasurables that help us get us from the shore of suffering to the shore of liberation. These tools are available to help us let go and to keep coming back with every breath, to our loving kindness and compassion.

7/06/20: The Fruit of Calm Abiding

The breath is like a thread that runs through everything, an anchor to come back into the present moment. When we practice, we have a chance to ‘come home’ and drop into a deeper place of calm abiding. In this weeks’ teaching, Cynthia Jurs speaks about self-love and letting go of effort. When we practice on a regular basis, it is guaranteed that we will begin to see our nature more clearly. We can touch that place every single time we take a breath with awareness throughout the day.

7/13/20: The Fourteen Precepts of Engaged Buddhism

During this weeks’ teaching, Cynthia Jurs offers a reading of The Fourteen Precepts of Engaged Buddhism created by her teacher, author, poet and peace activist, Thích Nhất Hạnh. The precepts, born out of Nhất Hanh’s peace activism during the Vietnam War and four decades living in exile, evolved to offer guidelines for mindfulness training, ethical behavior, and compassionate action in society. Adopted from traditional precepts of Mahayana Buddhism, they are intended to open our hearts to listen deeply for the transformation that is being asked of us.

8/10/20: Breathing to Relieve Suffering

In this week’s teaching Cynthia Jurs speaks to the practice of ‘mindfulness’ and using the breath as an anchor for the mind to return to the present moment and enter a state of calm abiding. Once our practice of mindfulness is stable, Cynthia invites us into another practice that utilizes the breath, called Tonglen, which is the practice of “taking and sending”. Breathing in, receiving the suffering of others and breathing out, sending the relief of suffering. In all of our meditations, the breath, the life force energy of Gaia, can be used as a tool to extend healing to oneself and others.

8/17/20: Tonglen and Awakening Innate Compassion

In this week’s teaching Cynthia Jurs continues to speak about the practice of “taking and sending” or Tonglen, a practice to reverse the habitual way we relate to the world—holding onto our happiness and pushing away suffering. Tonglen teaches us to release our attachment to a sense of self and facilitates a process of transformation that awakens our innate compassion or “bodhicitta.”

8/24/20: Making Friends with Impermanence

Acknowledging the tremendous changes and unpredictability in the world today, this week’s teaching invites us to make friends with impermanence. As we reconcile with and summon compassion for the great losses we are facing, we can also practice to remember a bigger View and learn to not be caught in the past or the future, anticipation or regret. The practice of meditation is about embracing the unknown, what Ken Mcleod calls “the mystery of being”. When we see the interdependence of things and realize that everything has everything else in it, we see that without impermanence, life could not be; one’s daughter would not grow up into a beautiful young lady; oppressive political regimes would never change.

8/31/20: The Benefits of Retreat

During this week’s Monday Mindfulness Meditation series, Cynthia opens by inviting healing prayers for Jo Beall, a beloved sangha member of our global healing community. She also encourages members to contribute to the welfare of Harper M Karmon, a Liberian peacebuilder whose work under the Peace Huts is a project of our nonprofit Alliance for the Earth. Extending our practice in these ways, we are reminded of the power of sangha or “community” to uplift, hold and support one another as an expression of our collective intention to be a force for healing in the world. In the second half of this week’s talk, Cynthia discusses the benefits of retreat to come into balance in our lives, how to create a structure or a container for an intended retreat and a special schedule so that we are assured of taking time to stop, reflect and practice deeply. She encourages us to use the time of COVID quarantine constructively to give ourselves over to the deeper experiences that may be trying to inform us now.

9/07/20: Recovering Equanimity

In this week’s teaching, Cynthia speaks to the value of Equanimity, one of the Four Immeasurables that allows us to see everything equally, without discrimination. When we recover our equanimity we come back to our hearts and can relax. “Resting awareness,” without effort, is to be present with what is happening as it is happening; this is the fruit of meditation, to return to our natural state. The practice of meditation allows for an opening into the experience of non-conceptual awareness, where the four immeasurable abodes or ‘dwelling places’ can be found: loving kindness (metta), compassion (karuna), joy (mudita) and equanimity (upekkha). These are the qualities we inhabit when we stop and open into something larger than ourselves.

9/21/2020: The Heart of a Bodhisattva

This weeks’ dharma talk focusses on those who devote their lives to helping others. She speaks of the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg and shares some stories of extraordinary individuals who have been part of the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project over the years. Giving thanks to teachers, friends and numerous beings who give support along the path, we recognize all who make up this beautiful web of life and those who inspire us to be of service and invite us to be a bodhisattva ourselves. We are encouraged to practice by coming to rest at the center of our being, and with each breath, opening our hearts to strengthen our capacity to feel into the present moment and take refuge in our own deepest caring and compassion. The nature of our heart-mind is vast as space. Calling into awareness this open attention in our hearts at the center of our being, vast like the sky, we can renew ourselves and remember a larger View.


In this weeks’ dharma talk, Cynthia mentions her teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, and her beloved friend Joanna, both of whom are nearing the end of their lives. She speaks to the importance of training now in order to come to peace within ourselves so that we can live fulfilled and die smiling, without regret. It takes courage to face ourselves and train in stopping the incessant activity of the mind. When we come into quiet stillness, we can notice our impulse toward distraction, and if we chose not to indulge it, we might become aware of the unbounded space of our own inner refuge. Here, we can experience a deep sense of peace and authentic presence, lively and clear. We train in mindfulness so that when our time comes, if we are so lucky, we can be prepared to open to the vast expanse without fear. If we do not practice quieting the mind now, even for 15 or 20 minutes of meditation every day, how can we hope to have the possibility of freedom at the time of death? [Note, this recording contains a guided meditation at 26:00 minutes inspired by “Retrieving the Inner Refuge”, a self guided meditation by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, found in his book, The True Source of Healing.]

10/19/20: Keeping Our Practice Fresh

The practice of mindfulness meditation is a training to wake up now, in this very moment. Just like learning an instrument or a new language, we must train ourselves in the practice of meditation. The first step is stopping to see more clearly, to understand more fully. Our lives have become so cut off from our true nature, from Mother Nature. When we can find stability in a practice of mindfulness, we create conditions for something new to happen, so we don’t keep reacting the same old ways. Bringing our attention to our heart, our awareness can take root in the center of our being. The true source of wisdom and compassion is there. From this place, we can experience our truth and walk the path in peace, with compassion and insight for ourselves and others. This is our best protection.

Podcast Interviews

On Synchronicity and Sacrifice, from Living in the Gift

with Charles Eisenstein and Cynthia Jurs

This conversation originally recorded for Charles Eisenstein’s online course, Living in the Gift. It was a meditative, engaging experience with synchronicities that showed up to support the flow of our stories and connection with one another. Truly, it was a lived experience of gift listening to this slow, deep, and joyful conversation on ideas that are central to synchronicity and sacrifice.

Acting from the Subtle; from The Space Between Stories

with Charles Eisenstein and Cynthia Jurs

Many of the themes of the course, The Space Between Stories, come together in this recording with Buddhist teacher and peace activist, Cynthia Jurs. Cynthia was one of four guest teachers for Charles’ course and exemplifies a kind of activism that is less direct than Jodie Evans’s and more politically engaged than Lissa Rankin’s, and deeply embodying the “not knowing” that Bayo Akomolafe upholds. “That is the place,” Cynthia says, “where magic can happen.” Her work is about creating conditions where anything can happen, especially that which is beyond our limited knowledge of cause and effect. This session is about the power that comes from the subtle realms, from the silence, from the stillness, from the slowness—and yet which can change the world in tangible ways. What starts in the subtle does not stay in the subtle. Yet neither is the subtle an escape from the practical. This session is especially for those who feel they are not doing enough, that they cannot do enough, or that the situation (in the world or in your world) is hopeless.

Embodiment Matters Podcast with Cynthia Jurs

Embodiment Matters Podcast:
Embodying Sacred Activism: A Conversation with Cynthia Jurs (09/04/20)

In this conversation with hosts, Carl Rabke and Erin Geesaman Rabke of Embodiment Matters, Cynthia explores the topic of sacred activism and engaged Buddhism through the practice of stewarding small clay vessels filled with prayers for healing the Earth on every continent around the globe. Cynthia shares about the origins of the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project, her forthcoming book entitled, Summoned by the Earth, the difference between faith and belief, and Thich Nhat Hanh’s prediction that the future Buddha will not be an individual, but rather a sangha, or community awakening together. The conversation closes with a beautiful prayer by Cynthia, and an invitation to explore the latest offerings of the Gaia Mandala community, including teachings on Tara Gaia, a practice that encourages us to turn to the Earth as a source of refuge and awakening, a living embodiment of the of teacher (Buddha), teachings (Dharma) and community (Sangha).