Like the Earth Treasure Vases, we too are holy vessels filled with prayers and offerings. The Gaia Mandala Global Healing Community is here to support and encourage us to participate in the renewal of life on Earth.

From our deepest heart of hearts arise the ways that we are each called to turn our prayers for the Earth into action. Our group meditations, courses, retreats and pilgrimages are all opportunities to access your personal calling, go more deeply into practices of sacred activism and follow the path of collective awakening.

Here are our current offerings:


Every full moon our global family gathers via Zoom for a guided meditation to direct our prayers and intentions towards the healing of the Earth. The Earth Treasure Vases being planted by our global community in 70 locations around the planet, filled with the prayers and offerings of thousands, have now formed a living mandala of powerful healing intentions.

When we concentrate on sending our love and prayers out wherever it is needed in whatever form is needed, we are taking the first step in participating in the restoration of our world. This is medicine for our times. The meditation includes an invocation of all the Earth Treasure Vase locations around the planet as a way to keep our prayers alive, energize the global mandala of 70 locations and embrace Gaia with our loving care and attention. At the end of the meditation we open an Earth Treasure Vase that serves as a receptacle for all of our prayers and intentions for the Earth. This vase will eventually be buried in a location as yet to be determined. This monthly meditation ceremony will renew your sense of purpose as we face global challenges together.


A Vajrayana-style deity practice inspired by Tara with a visualization of Gaia and a recitation of her mantra that our founder, Cynthia Jurs, received during intensive practice in retreat and has worked with privately for many years and is bringing forward now at this time of planetary unraveling and evolutionary change.


Cynthia is offering this new practice of Tara Gaia in a four-day online retreat via Zoom March 18-21, 2021. Sessions are two hours each, and will be held at the same time of day each day. The retreat includes a transmission ceremony, teachings, group practice, and Q&A. Once one has received the teachings, an ongoing monthly practice group can be joined to deepen one’s understanding and keep the practice alive.


4pm Pacific // 5pm Mountain // 7pm Eastern via Zoom

During this weekly 2 hour practice group, we will sit, walk and sit again—entering into the quiet space within, stopping to catch our breath, center ourselves and let go of anxiety to reconnect with our true source of Being. Cynthia will open the session with a dharma talk and at the end of our practice there will be an opportunity for mindful sharing around the circle.

We need each other to make the changes Gaia is asking us. Some of us may need help along the way. A sangha (“community”) is made for this. Cultivating the field of our awareness we will look beyond the habits of our everyday lives and listen deeply to the voice of Gaia in us. We were made for these times. Together, we can meet this time of collective crisis and opportunity with calm and clarity by cultivating a practice of calm abiding in mindfulness.


The Mandala is the gathering place for our online community to connect with others around the world, get to know each other, share intentions and prayers, dreams and stories, insights, visions…and deepen participation in all of our group practices and offerings.
The Mandala


If you are interested in going deeper, we invite you to become a member of our Gaia Mandala Sangha. Taking the Earth as our source of refuge and cultivating group practices together once a month we will strengthen our capacity to be vessels for global healing and collective awakening. Membership includes a monthly call via Zoom and participation in a private online discussion group.


Crafting Earthen Vessels for Global Healing; Bringing an Ancient Practice of Sacred Activism Alive for Today

A retreat at Ghost Ranch within the sacred lands of the Tewa People in northern New Mexico with Cynthia Jurs, Marian Naranjo & friends.

*This course has been postponed until 2021.  Specific dates will be announced once they have been scheduled.  Applications for this course are still being accepted. People who register for the course (upon approval of the application) will receive notices of online events to prepare and build community, leading up to the week we will spend together at the Ranch.


Earth Treasure Vase pilgrimages may be joined by personal application to the Earth Treasure Vase Stewards listed below. Dates for upcoming pilgrimages will be announced in our monthly newsletter as details become available.

Amazon – with Alison Fast (co-stewarded with Clare Dubois/Treesisters):

Antarctica – with Jeff Vander Clute:

The Bering Strait – with Cynthia Lazaroff:

Greece – with Cynthia Jurs:

New Zealand – with Therese Hogan & Etai Gilad:

Serpent Mound, Ohio – with Alison Fast (co-stewarded with Lynda Terry):

SW Australia – with Julian Silburn:

HealUS – with David Nicol:

Turkey – with Filiz Telek:


Earth Treasure Vase pilgrimages may be joined by personal application to the Earth Treasure Vase Stewards listed below. Dates for upcoming pilgrimages will be announced in our monthly newsletter as details become available.

Antarctica – with Jeff Vander Clute:

Turkey – with Filiz Telek:

The Bering Strait – with Cynthia Lazaroff:

Wise USA – with David Nicol:

SW Australia – with Julian Silburn: