Earth Treasure Vase for Giza, Egypt


On October 31, 2011, we entrusted the 25th Earth Treasure Vase to Leslie Temple Thurston and Brad Laughlin, co-founders of Corelight who became our good friends and collaborators during the Earth Treasure Vase pilgrimage to South Africa, in May of that same year. At that time, we planted an Earth Treasure Vase at the rim of the Blyde River Canyon along the Nilotic Meridian, which streams from South Africa to the Giza Plateau. On behalf of the Earth Treasure Vase Project, Brad and Leslie completed what was set in motion in the spring, anchoring a vase at the other end of the meridian to secure the connection and transmission between the two.

‘’The Blyde River Canyon is one sacred site of several on the Nilotic meridian, a line that runs pole to pole at approximately 31 degrees east longitude, and is so named because it aligns with the Nile River in Egypt. Also known as the “river of gold”, it connects the Blyde River Canyon (and the region of Timbavati, South Africa, the only place on Earth where white lions have ever appeared in the wild) at the southern end of Africa with the Great Pyramid, and the Sphinx at the north end of Africa—two spiritually potent bookends on the African continent. As above, so below.

Just six months after the burial of the Earth Treasure Vase in South Africa, we were invited by Cynthia to take a Vase to Egypt, which we buried under a full moon in the desert sands behind the Great Pyramid on November 11, 2011 (11:11:11). We can feel the mighty connection between these two sacred vessels, each doing their work at profoundly sacred sites at both ends of Africa, strengthening the vitality of one of the Earth’s primary meridians. What a blessing at a time when Africa is being ravaged for her natural resources and devastated by war, poverty and disease, and when more light, love and stability are so sorely needed on the planet.’’
– Leslie Temple Thurston & Brad Laughlin

During the period leading up to the burial ceremony, Brad kept the Gaia Mandala Community up-to-date via email as events unfolded on the ground. Read on for a brief account.

Preparation & Burial Ceremony in Egypt

Image of columns courtesy of Melody Long

November 8: 12:13 PM MST

Greetings from Cairo. We are here, staying at our friend Mohammed Nazmy’s apartment, which has an extraordinary view of the Great Pyramid — almost like you can reach out and touch it from here. “Our baby” is fine; we all made it here safely and easefully. The energy of Egypt is sublime! So beautiful and peaceful and calm. We happen to be here in the midst of a sacred holiday, Eid al-Adha, celebrating Abraham’s love of God proven by his willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac, God then giving him a goat to sacrifice instead. We can feel the whole city holding a sacred, refined energy.

The place Mohammed has told us we can bury the vase is somewhere near the Anwar Sadat Peace Pavilion, which is not far from the Great Pyramid. We will still be doing the blessing and sealing ceremony at 11:11am on 11:11:11.

How perfect it all feels!!!

November 10: 5:58 AM MST

There is a problem, and we can use some prayers now. Apparently, the Muslim Brotherhood has gotten wind of all the groups who are planning to go into the Pyramid to do sacred ceremony, and they are afraid that one of the larger groups is going to hold hands and form a Jewish star around the pyramid. So, the sudden executive decision of the government is to ban all groups from going inside or anywhere close to the Pyramid on 11:11:11.

This is completely unprecedented. We’ll keep you posted as things unfold here.

Leslie Temple Thurston holding ETV during the ceremony to seal the vase. Image courtesy of Brad Laughlin

November 11, 2011 8:07:26 AM MST

What a beautiful and powerful sacred ceremony this afternoon! Suffice it to say that it could not have gone any better. The prayers and offerings were stunning. Sublime. People poured their hearts and souls into the vase all day. And now the vase is wrapped, sealed and packed like a precious royal mummy in her little tomb. On behalf of everyone, Leslie and I thank you for allowing us the honor of this experience.

Egypt ETV packed and ready for burial, image courtesy of Mona Roark.

Update on tonight and the burial: we are living in the moment, and the vase obviously has a mind of its own and knows where it wants to be buried. Turns out the Islamic Brotherhood and the government have become so concerned about anything untoward happening here, that they have closed ALL of the sites for several days. All pyramids. Everything. They want no chance of conflict between Muslims and tourists/Christians/Jews.

But Mohammed has made a miracle for us. We are taking camels and horses and going on a journey incognito at 6pm, proceeding out into the desert behind the Great Pyramid as originally planned.

It is an amazing adventure…

November 11, 2011 1:46:00 PM MST

We are back, and our little baby is now entombed on the Giza Plateau! She is about 4-feet deep beneath the sands right on the Nilotic Meridian. It all feels very blessed and holy, and we know she’ll be doing her work for Egypt and the world now.

It was a bit cloak and dagger tonight. The army swarmed the Giza Plateau, keeping all the sites, especially the pyramids and Sphinx, under tight lock and key. We could not bring attention to ourselves in any way, which is hard to do with a group of 21. Mohammed told us not to speak to anyone and arranged for us to break up into small groups and take 5 taxis to the camel/horse stables. If anyone asked us what we were doing, we were just supposed to say, “shopping!”

We smuggled out a big shovel, and I carried the baby in her treasure chest in a backpack on my back as I straddled my camel, whose name was Mickey Mouse. Our guide, Hatem, told the Egyptian men who owned the camels and horses that we were New Agers celebrating a birthday and wanted to sing and dance and meditate and be left alone under the moon and stars.

Several people stood arm-in-arm to block the view of our digging. We sang and played a crystal bowl to hide the sound of the shovel clanging against the rocks in the sand. In no time at all we were complete, and we ended with making a circle, lying on our backs, gazing at the full moon and stars and praying for protection for the vase. It was a heavenly evening. Hopefully you could feel us.

Sending all our love and gratitude,

Brad Laughlin

Images of camel & Sphinx courtesy of Lynn Watson.

Reflection in retrospect

By Leslie Temple-Thurston & Brad Laughlin

Because we can feel the spiritual power of these small but mighty vessels and recognize their important stabilizing role in the world today, we love our collaboration with Cynthia and the Earth Treasure Vase Project. When we lead retreats here at our home at the Blyde River Canyon, we always make group pilgrimages to the Earth Treasure Vase site to meditate, pray and reignite and tend to the energy. The sacred vessel continues to radiate brightly, and we are grateful for its blessings.

We know that the illumined energy of the vase serves the greater good here, including our humanitarian work and our intentions for peace, harmony and the birth of a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness. Since the burial, the humanitarian arm of our non-profit, Seeds of Light, which serves AIDS orphans and marginalized communities in this area, completed construction of the Ekurhuleni (“Place of Peace”) Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children here. Also, since the burial, we started a prayer circle for elephants which are being poached for ivory in record numbers and are in the midst of a holocaust in central Africa. However, in the past weeks here in South Africa, elephant culling (killing) has just been banned, which is quite a miracle. The people, animals and natural world here live very close to our hearts, and we are grateful to Cynthia, Alliance for the Earth and the Earth Treasure Vase Project for helping to bring in the light.

Leslie Temple Thurston, Cynthia Jurs, and Brad Laughlin, reunited in South Africa.
Image courtesy of Cynthia Jurs.


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