Earth Treasure Vase for The Flint Hills of Kansas
in the Heartland of America

Leslie Meehan, David Nicol and Cynthia with Earth Treasure Vase at ceremony in Santa Fe


While on an Earth Treasure Vase journey with Cynthia to Australia’s Aboriginal lands in 2014, a strong message came to me saying an Earth Treasure Vase belonged in Kansas. Time passed, and the vast Flint Hills of Kansas gave me solace when I moved back to Wichita from years at the ocean in California.’’ – Pam Bjork

For a period of three years Cynthia and Gaiafield Project co-founders, Leslie Meehan and David Nicol had been stewarding a vase dedicated to a Wise USA. When the time was right, Cynthia circled back to Pam with the question whether this particular Earth Treasure Vase could be buried in Kansas.

Pam continues:
‘’I answered with a resounding yes! Thirty friends from my community in Wichita enthusiastically gathered with Cynthia, Leslie and David. After a deep meditation, we shared our prayers and offerings into the vase as it went around the circle, so excited for it to be planted with us here in America’s heartland. The vase was sealed that night into a beautiful ceramic container locally made with love for the occasion, and the next day we rose at dawn to make our pilgrimage into the Flint Hills – America’s last remaining tallgrass prairie.’

Molly Vestring and Pam Bjork who made it happen

The Burial Ceremony

David was guided to bury the vase under the branches of an Osage Orange tree while the wild horses who are given refuge on that wide open land overlooked the ceremony from the ridge above. Pregnant host, Molly, whose extended family has cared for that land for many generations, shared her blessings with the group, and all felt the promise of new life through the child she carried within. She and David lowered the vase deep into the soil to be held by the tree roots and prairie grasses.
David Nicol being guided to the tree.
Molly and David lower the ETV into the Earth.

Cynthia, Dorothy and former mayor of Wichita, Margalee, share their experience of the burial ceremony with us.

Cynthia Jurs:
‘’I felt the tree telling us that she could sacrifice a few roots because she regenerates and knows we do this in love. I saw the little vase light up with joy as she joined the others in the Earth Treasure Vase mandala…and the energy lines in all directions lighting up. I heard rattles, birds singing, sounds of a few coyotes in the distance, winds…and I felt the vase radiating its blessings into the land, across the continent and around the world. Through the people who gathered and the prayers we shared, I fell in love with the land and its healing potential for our beautiful planet. Baby Grace was born to Molly and her husband on July 22nd.’’

Dorothy (of Oz Australia?) Gray:
’I was honored to participate in the gathering of over two-dozen people in the country’s heartland, for a ceremony to facilitate healing for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Each person placed small objects in a ceremonial clay vase and shared their prayers and intentions. Objects ranged from soil from the paw print of an African white lion, to a deceased mother’s precious ring, in a profound ceremony filled with compassion, that I was moved to embrace with heartfelt commitment. Afterwards, the vase was placed in a beautiful clay box, made specifically for the occasion, and sealed. It was a magnificent honor to be a participant in the extraordinary ceremony, which we completed the next morning out on the undulating, lush, green Flint Hills of the Kansas prairie. The experience was profound on many levels, and something has shifted for me as a result. I am ready to go wherever another vase is planted! Thank you for bringing the Earth Treasure Vase to us here.’’

Digging the hole – ceramic container made for the ETV in the foreground.

Former Mayor of Wichita, Margalee Wright:
‘’On a lovely summer morning a small band of peacemakers ventured into the beautiful Kansas Flint Hills. Spirit-led vision revealed an Osage Orange tree tucked in the middle of a dip in the hills. Heartfelt mantras, songs,and a bit of work to dig the hole filled our hearts, as the Earth Treasure Vessel was buried. The energy of ceremony continues. Our hearts resonate with compassion, joy and wisdom. Thank you for the beautiful ceremonies here in the Heartland, which live deep in my heart. Afterwards, with a wink from God, I dreamed that I was to marry and raise three girls. I was clear that the girls were to be named, wisdom, joy and compassion!’’


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