Offering of Healing
to Gaia

Earth Treasure Vase Pilgrimage
to Delphi, Greece
with Cynthia Jurs, Sarah Drew & Nikole Rosaria

May 26-June 5, 2023

The time is ripe to fulfill a long-held promise to make an offering of an Earth Treasure Vase in Greece at the sacred site of Delphi—the home of Gaia’s Oracle.

“This Earth Treasure Vase is dedicated to restoring balance within the web of life for the healing of our world. Like Mother Earth, many of us have suffered abuse. Enough generations have suffered, enough species gone extinct, forests clear cut, waters polluted. After lifetimes of denying our embodied connection to the Earth, on this pilgrimage we will bring Her our most potent offering and align with Her wisdom.” – Cynthia Jurs

We go to this beautiful land to experience the ancient roots of western civilization and attune to the deeper stories of the land. We will visit sacred sites harkening to a time when feminine spiritual leadership was recognized in the western world before Her wisdom was silenced and Her body desecrated. We go with heartfelt offerings for healing, reconciliation and restoration. And we go to listen to Gaia’s Oracle, inviting Her to dream through us…And we will offer the Vase in Delphi, planting the seeds of that new dreaming…

Click here to read A Message from Sarah Drew, and to read the excerpt in her novel GAIA CODEX,  of a central scene when the protagonist, Lila Sophia, meets with the Pythia, the Oracle at Delphi, in a rite of renewal.

An Earth Treasure Vase pilgrimage is a practice of sacred activism that requires us to listen to something larger than ourselves and participate with all our hearts each step of the way. It is a practice to bring benefit to all beings on behalf of our global healing and collective awakening. On this journey of a lifetime, we will visit sacred sites, sit in ceremonial circles, meditate, drum and dance. We will listen to the whispers of the land—and our own hearts—and make a most meaningful offering.

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“This is a ceremonial evocation and activation that is born of generational dreamings; an answered prayer to the longings of our ancestral soul that reawakens and gives roots to a vibrant, fertile future for Mother Gaia and all sentient life.” – Sarah Drew