Earth Treasure Vase ‘’Tawa’’ for the Highwood Valley,
Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada


The small but mighty earth treasure vase called Tawa — which means Four Directions in Quechua, the language of the Incan Empire — was buried on Aug. 11, 2022, under a full Aquar-ian moon. She rests in her earthly womb in the upper reaches of the Highwood Valley in Alber-ta, in the Canadian Rockies.

In the year since her burial, her story has evolved, her power travelling the world’s water and earth ley lines, spawning a global community walking a Heart Path and living by Heart Doc-trine. She has aligned sacred mountain ranges, in deep conversation.

Prophesy of the Eagle and Condor

Tawa is ripe with intentions to heal our kinship with Gaia and with the world’s indigenous peoples. Hand-crafted by Elizabeth Christine as a Third Generation vase at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, Tawa — from the Tewa territories — is activating the healing energy line running up the Cordillera spine from Chile in South America to North America’s Rocky Mountains.

This line of mountains is considered by many to be Gaia’s backbone. It is a serpent of great power, with the Condor of South America flying with the Eagle of North America, brought together by the Quetzal bird of Central America. There is a prophesy that when the Eagle and Condor come together, their union will heal indigenous peoples by a new generation committed to ending oppression and injustice. This essence fills the holy vessel Tawa.

Earth treasure vase steward Wendy Dudley writes,

‘’The spirit of Tawa created a potent energy field, as I journeyed into the mountain valley to bury her. I was greeted by overhead clouds, in the shapes of condors and eagles. Patches of blue peeked through, as if from distant portals.  And then I passed the entrance to the Bearspaw Nation, part of the Stoney Nakoda First Nation, at the gateway to this mountainous land.  Along the fence lines were stuffed animals, still blowing in the wind after a winter’s weathering. This tradition of tying stuffed animal toys to First Nations fence lines began in Canada after the discovery of unmarked burial sites, on the grounds of the church-run residential schools where the children suffered abuse and cultural genocide.’’

In the year since Tawa’s burial, she has been in service to her purpose, as indigenous peoples gather to rise up, speak out, and move forward from the effects of colonialism.

In Canada, Sept. 30 is Truth and Reconciliation Day, a day of respect and building relationship with First Nations.

The Burial Ceremony

by Wendy Dudley

Tawa has her own intelligence, and she guided me to high territory (above). To a meadow with bear grass and fireweed, and other blazing wildflowers. Ravens flew from the deep for-est valley, leading us.

Tawa chose her spot on the traditional hunting grounds of the Nakoda First Nation, who centu-ries ago travelled from the Great Plains and are cousins of the Lakota. As I began to dig, I thought of Bear, as I had to kneel on the ground, using my hands to remove large boulder chunks. I felt strong Bear Medicine as I excavated, sweeping away dark dirt and stones. And I definitely kept a watch over my shoulder, as this valley is known for its grizzly bears.

My medicine bundle was nearby. This was powerful work calling for powerful medicine. I knew I was not alone. The Full Moon ETV Global Meditation was simultaneously taking place, and I could feel their Presence and Prayers.

Tawa was glowing, ripe with intention. She holds blessings by Peruvian medicine man Puma Fredy Quispe Singona (left photo), and carries fox, cougar, wolf, coyote, seal, and deer hair. She has dried flowers, a bumblebee, a black feather, a white feather, porcupine quill, images of bear paw, the Sun, spirals, horse hair, turquoise, a rose quartz heart, and clear quartz to amplify the power. And much more. And of course, a sprinkle of stardust, received from faraway constellations.

Once sealed, Tawa was set on a bed of freshly hand-picked silver-blue sage, and surrounded by feathers: Raven, Blue Jay, Flicker, Downy Woodpecker (the drummers) and Grey Jay (Canada’s national bird). The container — a box I painted with images of the Sun, the Moon, spirals, serpent and mountain peaks, raven, wild rose and hummingbird, and a long-tailed puma — was then encased in copper wire that I wove to resemble a spider web. Creation stories to be woven for eternity.

While Tawa rests beneath the rocks and earth, she hears songs from above. When I finished the burial, I sat on a lichen-covered boulder, and as sky turned to night, the last sun rays bathed the highest peaks in orange, the same colour of the Full Moon that rose behind silhouetted craggy ridges (photo above). And then the rush began, like cascading waterfalls, flowing rivers — such is the music of the wind blowing high and strong off the ridge tops.

I could sense the ancestors, the guardians, the spirits of the rocks…. many eyes watching, wit-nessing. I added my drumbeat and flute to the wind, sang the mantra, thanked Gaia for so beautifully receiving. As I departed, a doe deer stepped out in front, and from behind her rose an owl. Ascension, compassion, gentle warrior, clarity, bringing light to the dark. Seeing what others cannot. Knowing. Such are the essences that were planted that night; such are the pow-ers that continue to be in service.

Reflections after the burial

Little did I know how strong Tawa’s voice and spirit would be. She opened a dialogue between the world’s mountain ranges… aligning paw lines, song lines, heart lines, star lines. Bees hummed her message, weaving infinity along the gold and silver lines of Intuition and Truth.

After her burial, I learned through mystic Andean teachings that aligning spines back-to-back is the ultimate position of unconditional love. And in their wedding ceremonies, a chumpi (a handwoven protective energy belt) is loosely wrapped around the couple, in serpentine fashion.
Puma Fredy encouraged me to manifest my vision of aligning the world’s mountain ranges in such a manner. I did this by painting them into being (left photo).

Over a year, I researched the world’s sacred peaks, and then programmed them onto each ver-tebrae of the painted spines, brought together by the Rainbow serpent in the sign of Infinity, with the honeybees of fire and passion, dancing their lemniscate.

And then the roses bloomed, at the knot of the lemniscates. The rose, with her universal un-derstanding of Love, and her thorns demanding respect for her beauty and Love.
With Love at the core of all faiths, and with the rose quartz in the Tawa vase pulsing, I founded the Roses and Bones: Love and Legacy global community.

Guiding me was Tawa, bodhisattvas, the Daoist path, healers in the mountains of Peru, and other medicine people around the world. The ancestors spoke through their DNA in bones, our connection to our star origins. Throughout this project, I found bones wherever I wandered, affirming this legacy path.

And at night, the love planet Venus — the rose star — shines her light on the world’s love. Over an eight-year cycle, Venus’s orbiting dance with Earth creates a five-petal rose design. Then the cycle repeats. A new Venus Rose cycle began on June 3, 2020, its vision beginning to emerge on Aug. 13, 2023, with clarity of truth blossoming and the cycle finishing between March 23, 2025 and Oct. 24, 2026.  Back to a seed, a new rose begins June 1, 2028. These cycles, just like the moon cycles, can be applied personally and collectively.


Roses and Bones: Love and Legacy is organic of nature…..rose quartz hearts (the heart chakra) are distributed around the world, in any way the universe calls.

The headwaters where Tawa is buried have been blessed with rose blooms, as have the winds.  Since then, there are rose quartz hearts in earth treasure vases, on mountains, in caves, buried with ashes of loved ones, on altars, at the base of magnificent trees… and yes, there is one buried at Ghost Ranch, where dear Tawa was born. My spiritual brother, a Mohawk from Lake Superior country in Ontario, Canada, is offering them to the rivers who flow into the world’s oceans. 

At this time, there are rose hearts in Peru, Australia, France, Wales, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, and across Canada and the U.S. They form a Heart Mandala, tracing a heart path around the world, what some ancient texts refer to as the Heart Doctrine…. a way of living to be followed if Humanity is to survive. 

As within, as without. Tending to our interior garden of Roses and Stars, we tend to our outer gardens of Love and Beauty. 

Thank you, dear Tawa, you of the Origins, of the Absolute Sun. Your intentions guide us all Home, to our Origins, to our Re-membering.


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