Earth Dialogues

Vision Circle for Young Adults (age 18 to 35)
Fall 2023 to Summer 2024

What is my true place in the world?
What are my gifts and how do I share them?
What is my deepest calling and purpose?

If I could be in dialogue with the Earth…
what would I learn about myself and my life’s path?

Each of us is being called, in unique ways, to find our own ‘’unique ecological niche’’, that place one was born to take and occupy within the web of life. What would the world look like when more and more people discover and walk their paths aligned with their deepest calling? We have the possibility to find and open up to the true story that wants to live itself through us. This way we can become a vessel for the healing, protection and celebration of the Earth and all Life.

The Vision Circle is here to support and facilitate a deep discovery process of what authentic (soul-level) purpose looks and feels like to you. We explore, discover and learn through doing. Therefore, in addition to some didactic sharing, the circles will mostly have an experiential nature with i.e. guided meditations, creative explorations, council-spaces and invitations for you to engage with in between sessions. This way we keep the soul, the momentum, of our work moving.

During these 9 months together….

We listen deeply to our own hearts and to the heart of the Earth, to discover our own unique ways of being in joyful service to this great unfolding. The Vision Circle is a container for alchemy, transformation, discovery and integration of what we learn about our true purpose and the ways we are being called more deeply into life.

Some examples of what we will explore together in our circles:
  • Discovering your authentic soul-level purpose, vision and calling
  • Gathering tools for facing internal obstacles
  • Starting a relationship and conversation with the natural world
  • Learning Mindfulness practices for embodied presence and resiliency
  • Learning about the Earth Treasure Vases – context and practices
  • Learning about the power and potential of pilgrimage and sacred sites
  • Studying philosophical frameworks and tools to face the eco-social challenges of our time
  • Finding your voice through Creative Writing & Story Telling
  • Working with your dreams for self-knowledge and guidance
  • Seeking vision, guidance and purpose through extensive time out in nature
  • Connecting our ‘’personal’’ purpose with a wider global vision of Earth healing
  • And more…
We will draw from diverse sources of inspiration and wisdom traditions, such as: The Work That Reconnects, Indigenous Native American vision quest tradition, Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Teachings and Mindfulness Practices, Tibetan Buddhist Treasure Teachings and Purpose Guiding.


The circles will be facilitated by Rick Jansen with the support of guest-facilitators/teachers. Rick works at the heart of the Gaia Mandala Global Healing Community, where he listens deeply and envisions together with Cynthia and a small team into the further unfolding of this global healing work. Practically, he takes care of the support groups for current Earth Treasure Vase stewards, facilitates the monthly Sublime Mother Gaia Sadhana and edits the many Earth Treasure Vase stories for the website.

He feels it to be part of his calling to support young adults into this work of deep listening to their own hearts and to the heart of the Earth, to discover their unique ways of being in service. This offering ‘’Earth Dialogues – A Vision Circle for Young Adults’’ comes forth from that calling. Besides all this, Rick is a nature and soul-oriented Purpose Guide™ and mentor with Purpose Guides Institute. He lives close to the Mindfulness Practice Center Plum Village in the South of France, where he enjoys volunteering on the Happy Farm. One weekend a month Rick pursues his passion for experimental and ritual theater in Barcelona and he loves walking in the mountains, though his last walk has been too long ago. Stewarding an Earth Treasure Vase for the Himalayas will hopefully bring him ‘’back on trek’’ soon.

Stay tuned for more details!
More details coming soon. If you are interested, please let us know you want to receive more details and an invitation for registration HERE.

‘’Just as we experience the Earth crying within us as pain for
the world, we can experience the Earth thinking within us
as a guiding impulse pulling us in a particular direction.’’
– Joanna Macy